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So, as many of you know, every year [livejournal.com profile] the_star_fish and I have a boardgaming marathon where we spend a long weekend playing a boardgame for every letter of the alphabet. If this sort of thing interests you at all, you can follow along my liveblogging through Monday over at BoardGameGeek. If you dislike puns and boardgames, probably you should avoid clicking that link.
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Is something I believe should never be done.

But then it turns out to be much easier to ignore that belief in practice when things get tricky, which is appropriate. Sometimes it means that I must acknowledge the problem, and redouble my commitment to live up to my principles in the future. But equally often, when pragmatism triumphs over principle, it's a probportunity for me to reconsider my principles and see if they need to be tweaked.

Anyway, clearly the correct follow-up to that subject line would be:
...is good practice when alphabetizing.

I guess I haven't posted since WxW, which was (as always) an amazing experience. Here's a story about a job info session that I told in the Story Slam. My most recent column is Back to School Tips.
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As most of you know, every August, Pittsfield hosts the weeklong WordxWord Festival -- a celebration of the spoken word, from slam poetry to storytelling to Chicago's famed "Encyclopedia Show". This year is no exception; they've got some incredible poets coming in, and if you don't want to take my word for it, watch some samples. )

Anyway, I'm honored to be involved with this festival again, and will be competing in both the story slam semifinals (OMG Sunday is just two days away!) and poetry slam semifinals, and also performing in some other ensemble events like the Poetry Scrawl and (most excitingly) Encyclopedia Show.

The whole week of performances is FREE, so if you have a free evening between Aug.17-23, I encourage you to check the schedule and come out for a night (or two, or a whole week) of spoken word. Pretty much everything is around central Pittsfield, although some afternoon workshops are scheduled everywhere from Lenox to Mt. Greylock.

Completely unrelatedly, here is a column about Bacon.
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Apparently I'm perfectly capable of spending two weeks doing tons of work non-stop for the freelance gig mentioned in the previous post, but when I set aside a day to do work for my book, fizzle.

Unrelatedly, my most recent column (which has gotten some favorable comments) was about getting Older.
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"I have two cups, one brown one white,
One filled with dark, one filled with light,
They travel through the fore of night
And go upon a dangerous flight"

What am I?

I am Seth, carrying a mug of chocolate ice cream and a mug of water, up the stairs, in the dark, at 4 in the morning.
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Got to run into some old friends at reunion, which was lovely.

My latest column is about cleaning, and bears on the internet, and Russian literature: "Dust to Dust"

This weekend WordXWord is coming to North Adams in Gallery 51 on Main Street. So if you have no plans Friday or Saturday night, you could come see a Story Slam or a Poetry Slam, respectively. I'll be performing at both, and you can sign up here if you'd like to perform at one.

We have new steps.

I'm reading a lot lately. It's nice.
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This is apparently not metaphorical. (I hope the weather's nicer in DC!)
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*I'm quite pleased with my latest column, "Praise Be to Cheesus", and I think you will also enjoy it. If you only read one of my columns this year, go back and read my Gloria Steinem anagrams. But I do encourage you to read this one too.

*Less funny and life-affirming, but still likely of joy/interest to those of you who are always dubious about libertarianism is my previous column "Declaration of Indie Pundits"

*We've had so many mass shootings that the day after Isla Vista, I posted on Facebook that I'd fry everyone a burrito if we could get through June without a 3+ deaths mass shooting. June 1st was already a mass shooting, hence the need for a deathtoll stipulation. A few more mass shootings got us as far as today, June 8th, when we finally had another shooting with 3+ deaths. Things are broken. I am sad about it. I can't do anything about it. I am writing a poem about it.

*I have decided to read all of the graphic novels in the Williamstown library. Because I can.

*It's warm weather season, so perhaps you'd like to join me for a walk?

*[livejournal.com profile] the_star_fish makes me laugh and makes me massaman curry. Life is good.
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Image: [livejournal.com profile] the_star_fish and I, both sitting on a couch, reading a book
Text: Introvert Date Night
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"We could bake the leftovers into a calzone."
"Or we could make the leftovers into a hat."
"I think a calzone would be easier."
"Not at all; I just dump the leftovers on your head."
"That's not a hat."
"I'm a functionalist."
"Well, I'm a descriptivist."
"Together they fight crime."
"Together they argue... actually, I'm not even sure descriptivist is the right word."
"This got meta really fast."
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So, first thing's first: My column this week about Gloria Steinem (Anagrammed) is my favorite thing I've written all year. If you appreciate either feminism or anagrams (which I think covers almost all of you), I promise it's worth reading -- doubly so if you appreciate both. I wrote it last week, but my column at the Eagle is still far from regular grumblegrumble so it didn't run until just now, two days after her lecture at MCLA. Still, I'm inordinately* pleased with it.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] the_star_fish and I attended the lecture. )

*Even though I did start by saying "first thing's first".
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"I don't imagine you checked the boiler."

"You don't imagine correctly."

"The problem with English is that it's such an ambiguous language."

"You started it!"

"Ambiguous language."

"Just ask the question!"

"What is wrong with you?"

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My newspaper is folding, after a full decade of hosting my weekly column. That means I wrote well over 500 columns for the Transcript. Not a bad run. Sounds like I'll be able to have at least an occasional column in the Eagle, not weekly to start, but with newspapers thin on the ground these days, I'll take what I can get. Meanwhile, enjoy the last few Transcript columns that I (or heck, anyone else) will ever write.

Two weeks ago was about Weird Christmas Traditions.

Last week I decided to ask Google for help with my New Years Resolutions.

This week's will bear special relevance to anyone I saw at New Years parties, or who is sick. It is about "Party Favors".

Thankfully, we seem to be slowly on the mend. Today we made real (delicious) food, which was a welcome change after many days of soup toast eggscetera. And we started making jokes that make each other laugh again, which as far as I'm concerned is the basic business of life anyway.
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I have assembled my

2013 Holiday Friend-Made Gift Guide

Which is basically a big list of cool stuff made by my friends. It also includes a few paragraphs on how you can increase your happiness, so please do take a look. I have more than enough material goods at the moment, but if you wanted to buy a gift from one of my friends* for one of your friends, or just share the list, that would be awesome.

(*the list was made mainly to facilitate that, but maybe you know friends of mine who don't have a sales website but still have cool stuff they created for sale (e.g. <lj user="sylvantechie">'s pottery), so buying gifts from them for another friend of yours still totally counts.)
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Okay, I admit, I've been a slacker for the past few years and haven't put together a FOAF Holiday Gift Guide like I did in 2010. But I plan to do a new one this year, and put up a page with links to awesome gifts that my friends have had a hand in making, whether that means games you designed, books you wrote, crafts you literally made with your hands, or whatever. If you comment here with a link to whatever you're selling, I will try to promote it -- will probably put the page together later this week.
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Well, Homecoming happened. Was lovely to see folks while they were here; I'm reminded how fortunate I am to know so many wonderful people, and why I love this time of year (Homecoming and then New Years). Also, I have the sniffles and coughs again, for which I blame the fact that children are disease vectors.

Those wonderful people (many of whom are you) keep having children, and yet none of them use my ultimate baby-naming algorithm. Madness, I say. Although not as mad as daylight savings time, about which I ranted in last week's column.

Oops, almost forgot the "going" part. Need to visit my family again at some point. I'll admit, my aversion to travel has not seemed to dissipate over time; much as I love having friends come visit me, I'm always ill at ease when I'm on the road. I tell myself it's not so bad if where I want to be is where I am most of the time anyway.


Nov. 2nd, 2013 05:00 am
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LJ has decided to randomly recolor my entire friends list. I do not like this.

Here is a column about not being a rock star. Here is a column that ran Tuesday full of Halloween advice, but if it's any consolation, none of it was advice you'd want to use anyway.

It's now 5am. I'm going to bed, which will be the earliest I've been to bed in days.
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I've been performing at a lot of poetry events lately. Last Thursday was a poetry open mic at the Parlor. Saturday I went to Greenfield to perform as part of their annual Word Fest. And Tuesday (tomorrow/tonight) I'm part of a Berkshire Feature Night in Pittsfield. So all the performance poetry has been pretty cool, even if it technically doesn't bring in any money and heating bill season is around the corner. Still, my work has been generally well-received, which is gratifying.

A bunch of you already saw this on Facebook (including [livejournal.com profile] wellstar from whom I'm stealing this sentence's puns but she's getting credit so she can't wine), but last week my column was about The Wrath of Grapes.

And as long as I'm repeating links from Facebook (links from Facebook! links from Facebook! Okay, shut up.), lately I've been thinking a lot about public goods. If you would like to do some thinking with me, Ethan Z put up an excellent blogpost about public transporation in the US, and Neil Gaiman wrote a brilliant piece about the importance of libraries, and if you're wondering how my love for these public goods can coexist with my libertarian streak, I refer you to the last two minutes (start at 4:00) of this video interview with Penn Jillette.

[livejournal.com profile] the_star_fish is finally home from her week-long sojourn to Yarnopolis, so I am pretty excited about that. Even if today was inevitably the meeting of my "I've been alone for a week, hihihihihi" and her "I've been surrounded by people for a week, byebyebyebyebye". But maybe tomorrow there will be a boardgame before I head out for poetry.
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That was like a week of being sick. Oh well, at least I got a column out of it, which will be of particular interest to any Ogden Nash fans among you.
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Limited Time Offer

[livejournal.com profile] the_star_fish also pointed out to me that although I wrote this column on Sunday, the line about cheese very accurately describes my behavior at a party I went to last night.
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