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If you, like me, received half a dozen emails from the Alumni Fund earlier this month, you are the target demographic for my latest column. The rest of you may enjoy it anyway:
The Pun Also Rises: The Alumni Fund

I think this is the last week of winter. Then it will be time for me to start going outside for regular walks again. If any of you want to join me occasionally, that'd be cool.

A discussion of academy awards on my boardgame chat list got me thinking -- there are separate awards for best actor and best actress, but it's not as if the honorees are doing different things. Someone said they were irritated by the separation, as if the separate awards were to say "You did pretty good... for your gender." But if the awards were merged into a single Best Actor award that included female actors, if the awards were dominated by a single gender, would that be better than the current system? I suppose one could have quotas to try to avoid that, but I'm not sure that's better than the current system either. I don't actually care about the academy awards, but as usual, I'm picking a specific irrelevant case in an attempt to derive general principles.
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