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Finally got out for a walk today, for the first time in four months. Nearly slipped and injured myself many times (a few of which just in our deathtrap driveway), but hopefully in another week or two the ice will melt and I can get back to walking on a more regular basis. I feel better -- physically and mentally -- when I do so.

While I am eager for winter to end for that reason, tonight we were reminded that the downside of warmer weather is more idiots in the street in front of our house shouting and yelling. As they say, "If it's idiot season, why can't we hunt them?"

If you didn't catch my most recent column, in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday last week, a Seussian look at some recent headlines, with close parodies of 4 different Seuss books: Headline Seuss

Two weeks from today, Thursday 26th, I'll be hosting my monthly comedy open mic at the Parlor Cafe. It's free, so if you enjoy watching live comedy more than you enjoy paying money (or if you want to try some material yourself!), you are welcome to attend.

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