May. 16th, 2017

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First Dreamwidth post not imported from LJ-land!

So, I realize that while Dreamwidth ostensibly imported my friendlist, in actuality it imported accesses, which is not terribly useful for building my friendslist here. I added the few people whose tags I recognized, but this entry will remain unlocked in the hopes that eventually my erstwhile LJ friends and I will find each other again, like star-crossed lovers, only not actually lovers, although there's a decent chance that I do love you.

Anyway, while I'd normally make this a separate (and locked) post, here's a thing I've been thinking about. Or rather, before we get to that, here's a thing that what I've been thinking about made me think about. Specifically, an old Emo Phillips joke that in one UK survey, was voted as the funniest joke about religion of all time. Obviously that's setting your expectations far too high, but anyway, here's Emo Phillips at his finest:

What made me think of that joke was the fact that I was about to get into an argument with someone I mostly agreed with, on Facebook. And sometimes when I do that, I feel bad for arguing with people I mostly agree with, when people spouting horrible ideas that I vehemently disagree with seem to be in abundance lately, and yet I do not tend to end up arguing with them. Because I feel like I'm not going to convince misogynists and racists to suddenly love people of all genders and colors and whatnot, nor do I have any interest in listening to what they have to say. Whereas I feel like there might be some actual dialogue to be had between me and a facebook friend who disagree on a small semantic issue like the definition of racism.

But maybe there's no utility to be had. I'll admit, writing this post has sapped my interest in going back and commenting on her post, perhaps because my need to write something has petered out, perhaps because my previous foray into discussion with a facebook friend where we disagreed somewhat (on the issue of face-punching) did not end terribly well, perhaps because I'm increasingly seeing the Internet as shouting into (the void // echo chamber // room of angry bees) and none of those seem terribly useful, so it's much easier to not engage, and most people don't seem to appreciate anyone disagreeing with them on their own page anyway, and who cares what I think anyway (well, presumably you three, if you've read this far, but not people just posting their own memes and red meat on their own pages).

Anyway, I welcome your disagreement as always, but more importantly, Hi, I'm on Dreamwidth!

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